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Why Every Business Should Have A Website
  • The most powerful way to present the best image of your company
    Having a website adds credibility to your company. This is often the first place potential customers will see your company. In your website, you can arrange that the visitor gets exactly the First Impression of the company that is most appropriate.
  • Provide critical customer support
    In today’s economy it is important to provide the best customer support available. A well thought out website can provide answers and assistance to your customers when it's convenient for them.
  • Feedback from your customers
    With a good web presence you are able to ask for feedback in a non-confrontational way and receive information instantly without extra cost. This could be something as simple as a dynamic contact and feedback form or individual product and service rating systems.
  • Update products and services easily and at low cost
    People like to see sales and discounts. With the internet, you can advertise sales, make changes, or do almost anything else quickly and cheaply.
  • Keep your customers informed
    Your Website has all the necessary information your clients or prospective customers will need. Keep people informed why they should do business with your company.
  • Reach a larger geographic area
    Though most businesses only want to reach customers within maybe a 15 mile radius, the internet also provides the opportunity to reach much further. Millions of potential customers use the internet everyday to find the products they need.
  • Save money
    Postage and long-distance calls are costly while email allows a means of communicating with your customers, suppliers, partners, etc., and is extremely inexpensive.
  • It takes time to create visibility
    You want the Search Engines to put your site high in Search Engine Ranking Reports for the important keywords for your business. This does not happen overnight. Usually it will take 2 months or more to begin to get good rankings. So the earlier you start, the better you will succeed.

  • Inexpensive and Almost Risk Free
    All the above benefits to having a website for your small business are great. When people first began to adopt the internet these benefits would have been very costly and out of reach of the average small business owner. However, while every other advertising medium has increased in price over the past decade, website development and hosting has decreased significantly.

    For just a few hundred dollars a year, you can get all the benefits above and much more. There is virtually “no risk” in website marketing. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and wonder if you should have bought a bigger yellow pages ad but can’t change it until the next year rolls around. You can easily customize your website and make changes at your convenience. You can do as much or as little as your business goals and budget allow.

Do It Today!

Whether you decide to hire a professional like RC Business Services to design and build your business website or simply do it yourself, your business can’t afford to go any longer without one! Don’t get let your competition leave you behind. Start increasing your sales and service by sending us a MESSAGE and getting your own business website today!


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